Rent a Floating Room on the River Kwai

Rent a Room on the River Kwai For a different getaway than the same old beach hotel, why not try an exotic getaway to a floating bamboo accommodation on the…

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Consider Trading Luxury Amenities for Space

Consider Trading Amenities for Space For the past ten years or so, Bangkok has watched as the city skyline has been transformed by the building boom in apartments that’s been…

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The Reversal of the Music Industry Business Model

The Reversal of the Music Industry The implosion of the music industry several years ago meant a lot of changes to the way we buy music and support the bands…

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Why Is Bonchon Chidlom So Popular?

The Bonchon restaurant in Chidlom is a prime example of a restaurant that’s quickly becoming one of Bangkok’s favourite sources for fried chicken.  With 35 restaurants in Bangkok, Bonchon threatens…

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Top Feminist-Friendly Sci-Fi Movies

Great Sc- Fi Movies That Are Feminist-Friendly Science fiction is an amazing genre full of intrigue, adventure, futuristic technology, political thought experiments and interesting predictions for where our world could…

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Best Countries To Live As An Expat

Top Countries For Expats Are you thinking about moving somewhere new and trying out expat life for a while? It can be exciting to try living in a different country…

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