It’s a Great Time to Be a Guitar Player

It’s a Great Time to Play Guitar

The Covid pandemic had a curiously positive effect on some industries, the ecommerce and shipping industries most notably. But one industry that wouldn’t seem to be affected has seen an astounding boost in sales and innovation partly caused by the pandemic. 

Many people had time on their hands during all the lockdowns and quarantines during the worst days of the pandemic. A lot of them put that time to good use by learning to play guitar at home. The guitar industry has seen a lot of growth over the past ten years, mainly due to the many YouTube guitar lessons that are now out there. 

The pandemic came along at the right time for the industry. Untold numbers of closet rock stars had the time to invest in a hobby, and their educational resource was supplied online by YouTube. One year is enough time to develop a talent and love for guitar, and these students had up to two years. Once these fledgling guitar players knew enough about guitar to decide on an upgrade to their equipment, guitar and equipment manufacturers enjoyed a dramatic upturn in sales.

The Phenomenon of GAS 

There’s a recognized syndrome in guitar players that’s known to become an obsession. It’s called Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, or GAS. It’s most prevalent in electric guitar players and involves the endless search to find the right tone or sound. The right tone may be in the next guitar you have your eye on, the next special effect pedal, or guitar amp. 

The number of players with GAS saw a significant increase during the pandemic, and the guitar equipment industry couldn’t be happier. There are now more innovations in the industry and more quality manufacturers of guitar equipment than ever before, and the competition is driving prices down. It’s a great time to be a guitar player.