Netflix Stumbles and Loses Subscribers

Netflix Stumbles Netflix, once the king of the streaming world, stumbled badly in the first quarter of 2022, losing over 200,000 subscribers. This was followed by a 35% drop in…

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Why Is Bonchon Chidlom So Popular?

The Bonchon restaurant in Chidlom is a prime example of a restaurant that’s quickly becoming one of Bangkok’s favourite sources for fried chicken.  With 35 restaurants in Bangkok, Bonchon threatens…

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Top Feminist-Friendly Sci-Fi Movies

Great Sc- Fi Movies That Are Feminist-Friendly Science fiction is an amazing genre full of intrigue, adventure, futuristic technology, political thought experiments and interesting predictions for where our world could…

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Best Countries To Live As An Expat

Top Countries For Expats Are you thinking about moving somewhere new and trying out expat life for a while? It can be exciting to try living in a different country…

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Will Budget Airlines Survive the Pandemic

Will Budget Airlines Survive It seems like they’ve been around forever, but budget airlines in Asia have existed for less than twenty years. Air Asia, the most successful budget carrier…

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The Film Industry Faces Reality

Necessary Changes for the Film Industry You may have noticed a bit of a drastic change happening in the TV industry. More and more actors who were primarily only seen…

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