Succession – The People You Love to Hate

Succession – The Pleasure of Hating Vile Rich People Succession is back for its final season on HBO, and while I’ll miss the show’s treachery and vile characters, I have…

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Everyone Loves Apocalyptic Stories

The Apocalypse is Always Popular Take a look at the program schedules of all the major streaming services. There are an awful of apocalyptic shows these days. While stories about…

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Are We in the Primetime of Streaming Services?

We May Be in Primetime for Streaming Services “Every good thing has to end, so enjoy it while it lasts.” You’ve doubtlessly heard this sentiment expressed at times by someone…

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It’s a Great Time to Be a Guitar Player

It’s a Great Time to Play Guitar The Covid pandemic had a curiously positive effect on some industries, the ecommerce and shipping industries most notably. But one industry that wouldn’t…

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The Evolution of Hip-Hop

The Hip-Hop Renaissance Hip-Hop as a genre of music has blown up in recent years, with popular singles from top hip-hop artists receiving radio play time on a regular basis….

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persian rug

What Makes Persian Rugs So Valuable?

What Makes Persian Rugs So Valuable? Persian rugs have always held a fascination for people who appreciate beauty and uniqueness. The main aspects that make them valuable are that each…

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