What Makes Persian Rugs So Valuable?

persian rug

What Makes Persian Rugs So Valuable?

Persian rugs have always held a fascination for people who appreciate beauty and uniqueness. The main aspects that make them valuable are that each one is entirely hand-made, and no two rugs are the same. They’re generally made of either wool, cotton, silk or a combination of these natural fibers. The rug’s design often tells a story known only to people who spend their lives studying and dealing in rugs. 

Persian rugs are also often mistakenly lumped in with ‘Oriental’ rugs by people who can’t see a difference in the styles of a Persian rug compared to a rug from any of the other rug-making countries, which can be just as beautiful and valuable as a Persian Rug. 

Many African, Asian and middle-eastern countries have a long tradition of rug-making, yet rugs from the ancient Persian cities of Herat, Karman, Nain, Tabriz and Qom have captured the world’s attention as the most beautiful and valuable rugs. 

Are You Shopping for an Asset or a Rug?

This is the question going through every rug merchant’s mind the moment you walk through their doors. It’s a valid question as quality rugs can be divided into two basic types. At the more expensive end of the scale are rugs that are beautiful, hand-made and older. These are considered assets as well as fine furnishings. They have increased in value from when they were first made and will be increasing in value long into the future because of their intrinsic design and creative quality. 

People drawn to these rugs by their timeless designs and rich quality would do much better buying one of the ‘younger’ rugs that quality rug merchants stock. These rugs may have all the qualities of an asset rug, they’re hand-made quality pieces, but as they’re newer and maybe less rare of a style, they’re much cheaper. Buying these newer rugs may get you hooked on learning all about the fascinating and beautiful world of rugs.