Unrealistic Things That Happen In Movies


Movie Tropes That Would Never Happen In Real Life

Movies can be a great way to relax and enter a new world. There are many fantastical things in films that we expect to differ from everyday life. Superheroes with incredible abilities, worlds full of magic, or science fiction marvels that haven’t been invented yet are all fun and imaginative elements that we don’t expect to find in real life. 


But sometimes, movies don’t even make mundane experiences look like real life. Here are some of the most ridiculous and unrealistic things found in movies.

No Waiting

One of the most unrealistic things in movies is that characters never seem to have to wait for anything. They can always find a convenient parking space, taxis are always available, there’s no line for coffee, and detectives don’t have to wait for extensive paperwork before barging into a perpetrator’s home. And considering that so many movies take place in big cities like New York, this is even more unbelievable.

Villains Don’t Kill Heroes When They Should

So often in films, the villain has a chance to kill the hero, but they somehow mess it up. They wait too long, allowing the hero to escape, or they waste time pontificating or talking about their plan. If they just killed the hero when they could, the movie wouldn’t even need to continue.

People Have Endless Time

Characters in films always seem to have enough time to wake up early, make their own meals, and have a chat before work or school. They are never late unless it’s a necessary plot point, and they can manage all their errands, chores, and responsibilities with ease.

Perfect Conversations

People have interesting conversations in movies. They never deal with looking for the right word, stuttering, awkward pauses, or poor grammar and vocabulary. They know the perfect thing to say at every moment.