Consider Trading Luxury Amenities for Space


Consider Trading Amenities for Space


For the past ten years or so, Bangkok has watched as the city skyline has been transformed by the building boom in apartments that’s been taking place and is still in progress. 

These apartments offer affordable city living to workers who otherwise would travel for hours from cheaper housing in the distant suburbs of the city. The common areas of these modern apartments feature well-equipped fitness rooms and luxurious swimming pools. Some of the condos even offer convenience stores, dry cleaners, and restaurants on their grounds. 

The lure of these apartments was having these luxuries in an affordable home close to the central business district of Bangkok. But these apartments come with a cost that isn’t mentioned in the brochures. 

The unmentioned price you pay for this lifestyle is a lack of living space. The condos might be fine for a single person, but couples can find the living arrangements claustrophobic and irritating. 

Explore the MRT Lines

At the same time this building boom has been happening, the city has been experiencing another construction project. The MRT has been steadily expanding its reach outwards and providing an easier commute to millions of the city’s outlying residents. 

When these lines open in a year or two, expect the property values of these outlying neighborhoods to skyrocket. The older apartment buildings in some of these areas will become desirable for the space they offer. 

While most of them won’t offer the same amenities as the newer condos, people who are craving space over luxury will find these older, spacious apartments and condominiums attractive. 

But the time to start investigating the neighborhoods near these new MRT lines is now, before the lines open and housing prices go up. Why not look around and see what’s available? You just may find a better living experience.