One Piece is a Fun Voyage on Make-believe Oceans

One Piece is a Fun Voyage on Make-believe Oceans

One Piece is a Fun Voyage

The tongue-in-cheek humor of the HBO series Our Flag Means Death made many pirate lovers forget about the ongoing will-they-won’t-they drama of Disney and the pending decision of whether to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. If Disney is going to reboot the series, they should get on with it before everyone’s forgotten about it. A new series that’s just debuted on Netflix is even more reason to forget about Captain Jack Sparrow and crew.  

One Piece is a colorful, funny, and entertaining pirate series that’s as much a fairy tale as an adventure story. Originally published as a Japanese anime graphic story, this new series has some of everything you missed by the departure of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and a bit more.

It takes place in a parallel world, allowing for sea monsters and heroes and villains with superpowers. The make-believe world has a juxtaposition of the new and old in a whimsical story where ancient seafaring pirates battle strange marines led by a man with a steel lower jaw, and characters wearing modern sneakers talk on living snails and creatures that have to be dialled like 20th-century telephones. The central character is an eternally cheerful and optimistic young man who wants to put together his own pirate crew so he can become the king of the pirates. 

Modern Humor

The script has the same modern type of humor as Pirates of the Caribbean and Our Flag Means Death is known for, and it’s sure to appeal to the same kind of audience. 

With nine episodes in an exciting first season that can be streamed immediately, expect One Piece to generate significant interest in the next few weeks.