How the Technology of Biometric Face Recognition Works

Many people have heard or read stories of security organizations using biometric face recognition software to identify suspects and criminals. Still, not a lot of people know how this technology actually works. This advanced technology is contained in a computer program that can be installed on a normal PC. This makes it easily affordable for any security-conscious business that already has security cameras installed on its premises. 

Biometric face recognition works because of the development and refinement of artificial intelligence (AI). AI has enabled vast databases containing tens of thousands of digital images to identify a single image and match it with data received by a camera in real-time. 

Biometric Face Recognition

Measuring the Uniqueness of Faces

No human face is the same. That’s how we can instantly recognize individuals. The human brain maps all the little differences in a face to recognize a specific person. AI can do the same using measurements. It measures certain aspects of the face, such as the shape of the eyebrows, the width of the mouth, and hundreds of other details. 

By compiling all these measurements into a single digital ‘image’ the differences in all these measurements together provide a unique set of data that’s unlike any other person’s data. 

But the real trick in biometric face recognition is sorting through the thousands of data sets to find the one dataset that matches the image seen on the camera. And that’s where AI is invaluable. AI continues to improve the more it’s used. The more data samples it’s required to process, the faster and more exacting it becomes. 

The speed and precision capabilities of biometric facial recognition have turned into a powerful law enforcement tool all over the world. But the affordability and easy installation aspects of this tool have made it accessible to everyone.