Casual Dining Vs Fine Dining in Bangkok


Generally speaking, there are four major factors that customers consider when choosing a restaurant: food type, serving style, ambience and price. By far, the two broadest categories are Casual and Fine Dining in Bangkok. Among the critical differences between the two, is the atmosphere and ambience. Fine dining typically exudes an elegant and formal atmosphere, whereas casual dining, as the name would suggest, is more informal and, often, friendly. The food, service and ambience (decor) also differ remarkably, not to mention the pricing. So, without further ado, let’s jump in and take a closer look at the differences between the two styles of dining in the City of Angels. 

 Difference Between Casual & Fine Dining

The significant difference between fine dining and casual dining has to do with their ambience and pricing. Fine dining also commonly referred to as ‘formal dining’, takes place in an up-scale establishment with the setting and service being five-star and the menu offering many unique and expensive dishes. Think Michelin-star level food and service. In addition, at this level of dining, everything – The lighting, table settings, staff, style, design and architecture of the building – comes into play. At a restaurant like this, they consider food to be the elixir of the soul and take it VERY seriously! 

On the flip side, a casual dining establishment offers more inexpensive food, and the service, atmosphere and decor are more laid-back. You won’t find a dress code here, and often such eateries are open for extended hours, open early and close late. At one of these casual eateries, they may offer buffet-style dining and service with or without table service from a waiter/waitress (i.e., order and pay at the counter). This is also the kind of place where you would not expect to see linen tablecloths and napkins, silverware and fine bone china. Whilst they could be part of a chain, please don’t confuse them with fast-food joints; they are a category of their own. 

We hope this brief article has helped you come to grips with the difference between casual and fine dining in Bangkok. Bon appetit!