Best Countries To Live As An Expat

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Top Countries For Expats

Are you thinking about moving somewhere new and trying out expat life for a while? It can be exciting to try living in a different country for a while, but it isn’t easy to decide which country will be the best place for you to call home. This article will help share some of the top destinations where expats are happiest with life abroad.


Expats in Taiwan report some of the highest levels of happiness with their work and work-life balance. Additionally, residents of Taiwan have a high standard of living, and expats report that it is easy to settle in and feel at home in Taiwan.


Mexican culture is friendly and welcoming. Expats who live here report that it is a very easy place to settle into and feel welcomed. While people living in Mexico sometimes have health and safety concerns, this country has a very low cost of living, making it an easy location to live for many expats.

Costa Rica

Expats in Costa Rica reported that they are very happy with their lives in Costa Rica overall. There is an overwhelming amount of natural beauty in Costa Rica, including rainforests, beaches, and volcanoes. Costa Rica has a low cost of living, and residents report that it is easy to settle in.


Malaysia is a very easy place for many expats to live. Most people speak English, and the cost of living is quite low. In addition, many expats here report that they are happy with their work and work-life balance.

Find The Best Country For You

There are many great places to live in addition to the options presented in this article. Be sure to research local culture, including language, cuisine, and common activities, when choosing your next destination to be sure that wherever you live will be a good fit for you.