Use the Lockdown to Better Yourself

It looks like Thailand is considering another lockdown to quash the latest outbreak of COVID-19. Being confined to your home is often seen as a useful excuse to slack off. Even if you’re working from home, the lack of outside stimuli may make it feel like nobody is watching you, and you can do whatever you want to do.

While binge-watching shows on Netflix and letting your laundry go until absolutely necessary is not really harmful, overeating and making excuses to keep from exercising can damage your health as well as your waistline. With another lockdown looming, why not grab the reins and exercise a bit of self-control by making yourself healthier during the quarantine period. 

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Watch Your Weight

With swimming pools and gymnasiums closed during the lockdown, people have to get creative to stay healthy and stop gaining weight. The first step is to weigh yourself and promise yourself that your current weight is the heaviest you’ll weigh. 

Make a list of the most common foods in your diet and look up online how many calories they offer and whether or not they’re good for you. Also, look up some lighter alternatives for foods that you consume a lot but aren’t very good for you. 

Also, try not to depend too much on having food delivered. Cooking your own food allows you to practice portion control as a means of getting your weight down. 

Prisoners Stay in Shape, You Can Too

The closure of swimming pools and fitness rooms is no excuse for not exercising, prisoners can stay in shape in their tiny cells, so you can too. Google isometric exercises or yoga to practice in a small apartment. Weight lifting doesn’t demand a set of expensive weights either. Any type of weight that can be lifted is enough to get you started. 

The only thing keeping you from creating a better and healthier you is the willpower to do it. Create a schedule of mealtimes and exercise periods and stick to it. By the time COVID-19 is a distant memory, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.