Top Feminist-Friendly Sci-Fi Movies

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Great Sc- Fi Movies That Are Feminist-Friendly

Science fiction is an amazing genre full of intrigue, adventure, futuristic technology, political thought experiments and interesting predictions for where our world could be headed. Like many genres, however, most science fiction films feature men more prominently in their stories. There are quite a few films that feature dynamic women as their main characters that female science fiction fans can enjoy.


Alien is the original feminist-friendly science fiction film. The main character, Ellen Ripley, single-handedly survives an encounter with a terrifying extra-terrestrial creature that makes its way onto her team’s spaceship. This 1979 film not only features a strong woman as its main character but is now an essential sci-fi classic.

Mad Max: Fury Road

In the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max: Fury Road, there is not just one badass woman but several groups of daring women. The lead character, Imperator Furiousa, leads five women in an escape from their treacherous husband to start the film. 


Not all main female characters need to thrive in a world of intense action and conflict. The main character of ‘Arrival’, Louise Banks, uses her linguistic prowess to connect with a mysterious alien race that lands on Earth. This excellent movie is incredibly thought-provoking in a classic sci-fi fashion.


This is another intense and intriguing science fiction masterpiece. For the majority of the film, the main character, Ryan Stone, is the only face on the screen, demanding that everyone in the audience relate to her and her situation. 

Check Them Out

This is only a short list of many amazing films with amazing lead women, but they are amazing selections for any science fiction enthusiast. Once you’ve finished them, look for other great sci-fi films that feature great female characters.