Great Short Haircut Styles for Women

Long hair can be beautiful and fun to work with as a style choice for women, but many times, especially before hot, summer months, it can be tempting to mix up your look and chop it all off. If you do decide you’d like to feel a bit cooler and build a new style for yourself, this article will give you some great short hairstyle options for you to consider.

Undercut Hairstyles

If you aren’t fully ready to cut off your long locks yet, you can try an undercut style first to ease your way into a shorter cut. You can choose to put a small undercut on the very back of your head by the nape of your neck, or along the sides by the ears. 


Undercuts can be done symmetrically or asymmetrically, allowing you to cater them to your own personal preferences and style. Even if you feel like keeping a longer looking style when you wear your hair down, an undercut can add a way to mix it up when you put your hair up. When you’re sick of your undercut, you can cut the rest of your hair and transition to a different shorter style.

Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts offer a fun, boyish style that can be playful, elegant, or professional depending on how it is styled. One of the biggest benefits to pixie cuts is that it is easy to take care of as well as extremely versatile. If you want to look edgy, you can spice it up with some hair gel or you can arrange it back sleekly for an extremely classy look.

Bob Cuts

Our final fun shorter cut is the bob cut. A bob can also be styled in a myriad of ways, by curling it, keeping it straight, tying it up in a cute headband or scarf. Bobs can also look great when dressed up with earring jewelry. If you aren’t ready for as extreme of a change as a pixie cut or an undercut, a bob is a great choice to transition into a shorter style, but keep some of your length.