Explore Luxury Furniture at the CDC

credit: https://www.eurocreations.co.th/

The Crystal Design Center in Bangkok, also known as the CDC, offers luxury furniture that would look perfectly at home in the contemporary manors and villas of Europe. But it perfectly suits the tastes and design aesthetics of Bangkok residents who take pride in the décor of their homes as well. 

The CDC serves as a source of inspiration for local residents who are building or renovating their homes into showplaces that reflect their lifestyles and tastes. Spending a day or more browsing the many shops that call the CDC home is a way to formulate the look of your home to express your taste and sensibilities. 

Prime Furniture Destination in Bangkok

For both interior designers and homeowners, the CDC is a prime destination where the staff in the furniture stores are happy to listen to your needs and help you put together a suite of furniture. For interior designers, the furniture at the CDC is a way to further enhance your design reputation. For homeowners, the advice and guidance offered in the many shops and showrooms of the Crystal Design Center help you narrow down your choices of furniture and ensure you pick the ones that best express the inner you. 

All the luxury furniture of the CDC features handcrafted construction and inspired design as the unifying elements. A visit to the CDC ensures you of only the finest in luxury furniture for your clients or your own home. 

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, you owe it yourself to make a visit to the CDC and see all the furniture and home design accessories they offer. The CDC is located in Northern Bangkok at 1420 Praditmanutham Road, and it’s open every day of the week.