Expat Parents Shouldn’t be Weary of Sending Their Children to a Nursery in Bangkok

For many Thai couples, having and raising a young child comes with a built-in support system from each parent’s family. After maternity and paternity leave ends, it is not uncommon for the child to stay home with grandparents or aunts and uncles until the child is of age to go to primary school. For expat parents, those options do not exist. Many of these parents face the decision of whether to send their child to a nursery in Bangkok

nursery bangkok

Particularly for new expats, deciding to enroll your child at a foreign school can be daunting. With the language barrier and different cultural standards, the concept of a nursery in Bangkok doesn’t always conjure up the rosiest of pictures. 


The reality is that there are dozens of top-tier nurseries in Bangkok with programs in English that rival any school in a parent’s home country. In fact, based on advances in child psychology and education, pre-school is one of the most critical times in a child’s development. Those facts considered, it is recommended to enroll children in strong nursery programs to maximize their learning potential.


If you are considering a nursery in Bangkok to send your students to, there are a few elements to consider. A worthy school will follow a standardized pedagogy, such as the Early Years Foundation System from England. Under this system, your child will learn in a play-based environment with activities and exercises focused on social, personal, and educational growth.


The other major element of a nursery is its teachers. Teachers for young students should be certified and trained in child development and have the experience of nurturing a child’s needs in an educational setting. If your child is in a program that promotes growth under the guidance of skilled teachers, you should have nothing to worry about.