Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly

Blood Pressure

Many people think that high blood pressure is only a problem that afflicts older people. But high blood pressure can be an issue in young people as well. If you have a medical history of high blood pressure in your family, you should monitor your blood pressure no matter what your current age. 

Blood Pressure

People with histories of high blood pressure in their families can have congenital arteriosclerosis and other hereditary conditions that warrant close monitoring of their blood pressure from an early age. 

Even if your family’s medical history doesn’t include high blood pressure, the condition can start with you. If your diet is not what it should be, or it’s difficult to find the time to exercise as much you should, you should at least find the time to monitor your blood pressure.


Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors Make it an Easy Task

Monitoring your blood pressure doesn’t entail a trip to the doctor anymore. There are electronic blood pressure monitors on the market in Thailand that cost under 2,000 Baht. And they are simple and quick to use at home. 

Simply wrap the inflatable cuff around your upper arm and push a button. The cuff will automatically inflate and deflate. Your blood pressure reading will appear on the digital read-out of the monitor. 


What is ‘Normal’ Blood Pressure?

If you lead a normal life with a responsible diet and regular exercise, your blood pressure reading should be below 120 over 80. Anything above that and you should see a doctor. You may be suffering from hypertension. This condition can be easily controlled with medication. 


Blood Pressure Monitoring as a Regular Task

By making blood pressure monitoring a regular task at least once a month, you can observe which foods and lifestyle choices lower your blood pressure and which raise it. You can then modify your diet and lifestyle to ensure that you always remain in the peak of health.